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Ticklish Talkers & Pumpkin Patch Pix

Wow, it’s already late October, and we missed the 5 month update opportunity a couple weeks ago! I’m pleased to say that Carolyn and Elizabeth are both doing very well. They’ve managed to stay healthy, even though I recently got slammed with a flu virus or something that lasted for about 10 days. Fortunately, it wasn’t the most miserable flu I’ve ever had, but it did linger for quite a while! (Was it swine flu? I dunno, maybe. Probably. At any rate, it didn’t stop me from going on a fun but brutal geocaching hike around Pinecrest Lake last weekend, heheh.) Anyway, Janet and the girls are fine, and I’m finally feeling better now too. It was really hard not being able to hold them close and kiss their cute little faces for so long!

Recently the girls have been learning some new tricks. For one thing, they’re much more vocal now, often making little cooing or gurgling noises at us or at each other. It’s also really funny when they’re lying on the floor, flailing their arms and legs around, and then they’ll suddenly notice their hand right in front of their face. They’ll freeze in position, eyes big and wide, and they’ll stop and stare at the hand in rapt amazement for a moment, then open up their little mouths and try to cram the entire fist inside. Seconds later, they’ll be back to flailing, and then the whole process will repeat itself. They have also become more ticklish, and more likely to laugh in response to our talking or laughter. Here’s a short video with each of the girls showing off their cute little giggles and squeals.


Click on the image to load the movie in a new window.

In other news, yesterday Janet and I cruised out to visit Joan’s Farm and Pumpkin Patch on Mines Road in Livermore. Admission is free, believe it or not, so I really wasn’t expecting much — but I was pleasantly surprised. Oh, there are definitely plenty of ways to spend money while you’re there, but our kids are still too young to pester us for things, so we escaped without spending anything. But we still had a fun time looking at the museum-like farm displays and took some fun pictures of the girls propped up against some colorful pumpkins. Here are a few:

Pumpkin Girls

Pumpkin Girls



It will almost fit!

It will almost fit!

Elizabeth is fascinated by her own hands

Elizabeth is fascinated by her own hands


Hey, that mud looks interesting!

3 comments to Ticklish Talkers & Pumpkin Patch Pix

  • Erin Doherty

    You can’t help but smile the whole time you watch the video…and the pumpkin pics are adorable!!! Janet and Dan…your girls are precious!!

  • […] Pumpkins! By Janet, on October 17th, 2010 We took the girls to Joan’s Farm and Pumpkin Patch yesterday.  Now that the girls have passed their first birthday and we’re doing things the second time around, it’s interesting to reflect back and marvel at how much things have changed in the past year.  If you’re interested, you can find pictures from last year’s pumpkin patch visit here. […]

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