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Recent Photos

The girls are doing well. They’re still getting more and more mobile, but not quite crawling yet. Both have their two lower front teeth in now, and Elizabeth has one upper front tooth poking through as well. This means she has discovered how to chomp down and produce an absolutely horrible grinding noise with her […]


We got together with Dan’s family two weeks ago to celebrate both Annmarie and Cortnie’s birthdays. We received the message and picture below from Annmarie earlier this week. Audree is in Kindergarten.

I was volunteering in Audree’s classroom last week, and walked by a desk where these papers with green writing were laying, obviously a […]


When I began composing this post in my head, it was going to be called “St. Patrick’s Day” — that being the current holiday the girls were dressed for. Sunday afternoon was so pretty and sunny, and the grass so green, that I thought the St. Patrick’s Day picture should be taken outdoors. So I […]


For the last couple weeks, the girls have been increasingly determined to be mobile, and that’s a good thing — except when it leads to mishaps like we had this morning after breakfast. They’re not quite crawling yet, but they’re very close! They get up on their hands and knees and then sorta rock back […]


Last Friday was a fun first — I took the girls out for their first playdate with another infant! One of our good friends from college named Amy lives locally and had a baby girl (Tesiah Rois) a few months after ours were born. We had Amy over for dinner one night last year when […]