April 2010


Miscellaneous Musings

Just a bunch of random little observations:

  • Janet and I recently put our heads together to calculate how much milk she has produced since the girls have been been born. We didn’t keep exact records, but in the last 11½ months we figure that she has pumped or nursed over 15,000 fluid ounces, which translates to around 120 gallons. My first thought at hearing this was “Wow, that’s a TON of milk!” Actually, it turns out to be only half a ton, but still, that’s a lot of milk! Janet’s thought was “No wonder I’m always hungry!”
  • The inevitable corollary to the observation above is that we have changed well over 1000 pounds of diapers.
  • Bottle feeding both girls simultaneously for these many months has made me very aware just how often some part of my body itches. Almost without exception, as soon as I’ve managed to get the girls settled and both of my hands are busy holding bottles, something starts to itch. Insistently. So, I’ve had a lot of practice improving my mind-over-itch control. On the plus side, the girls can now manage to feed with about 50% efficiency while holding the bottle themselves. It’s not good enough yet to just let them handle it completely on their own, but progress is being made.
  • Elizabeth is now in full crawling mode. She wants to explore everything and everywhere, and is not long content in one place. And our house still needs a lot of childproofing before I’ll feel comfortable letting them crawl around without watching them every second! Carolyn is sorta crawling, but she still reverts to scooting or rolling sometimes. In another week or so she’ll probably have it down.
  • There are a ridiculous number of Oxi-Clean products scattered around our house. Just off the top of my head, I know of at least four spray bottles, two bottles of gel stick, and one six pound tub of powdered stain remover.
  • Carolyn’s inquisitive little fingers are fascinated by my comparatively big fingers. When I least expect it, her tiny little razor sharp fingernails unerringly seek out my cuticles, and then they dig in. Apparently she wants to completely peel open my fingertips and expose the root of my fingernail. It is quite painful. Elizabeth does this too, but it seems to be not as often.
  • Carolyn has also learned to whistle a few notes, which makes her just about as good at whistling as I am.
  • I’ve been practicing with the girls trying to get them to say “mama”.  I guess those M-sounds are a little tricky to make, so developmentally they tend to come later than D-sounds. They’ve been making D-sounds for a while, and often say “dada” — but I don’t think they’re saying it as a name for me… You see, they also say “dodo” quite a bit.
  • It’s hard to believe we’re coming up fast on their first birthday! But I don’t look back on the last year and wish that they could stay this age longer. I know that each developmental stage brings its own set of challenges, but I’m really looking forward to being able to converse intelligibly with them. I can see some advantages in not having to carry them everywhere too. But we’ll do our best to enjoy each stage as it comes.
  • We feel so very blessed by these wonderful little girls!

The Siemens Twins

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