May 2011


They’re 2!

Our two little girls are two years old. What can I say but WOW? Dan and I have been looking at a lot baby pictures the past few days and reminiscing about our little newborns. They were so small

Newborn Elizabeth's tiny hand with Mommy's pinky

Cute newborn Carolyn

Our first family photo, taken when the girls were three weeks old and only 5lbs.

They’ve done a lot of growing over the past two years. And their vocabulary has expanded significantly in the past few weeks. In fact, I think they’re learning new words almost daily right now. We’ve made a list of over 40 words that they say.  Although they’re still working on their pronunciation so I often still rely on the visual clues to understand what they’re saying.  Their comprehension of vocabulary is significantly larger, including phrases like “Put this on the table,” or “Your socks are in the bedroom.”

They enjoy being outside — blowing bubbles, going for walks, playing at the park, exploring the back yard. And inside or out, they like climbing. Anything they encounter is an obstacle to be summited — furniture, patio chairs, playground equipment, or me if I’m sitting on the floor. In fact, their ability to climb greatly exceeds their understanding of the consequence of falling. Hopefully they will learn that lesson without dramatic injury. I’m sometimes torn between being proud of their accomplishments and being worried about them.

Watch this video of them climbing and judge for yourselves!

Click on the image to load the movie in a new window.

Is this how it works?

Bubbles are fun. And good practice for birthday candles!


That's good blowing!

So, whadda ya want to do next?

What's that?

There are lots of indoor activities to keep them busy too. They like looking at books, coloring, and we’ve recently given them their first Play Doh to squish and roll and shape.

We recently gathered at Nana & Papa’s house to celebrate the successful completion of the girls’ first two years. There were candles to blow, cake (decorated by Mommy) and ice cream to eat, and presents to open. The girls liked blowing out the candles. Although I think they couldn’t quite understand why we wouldn’t let them hold the cake by themselves. They also had great fun tearing the wrapping paper off the presents.  They are clearly much more accomplished at that than they were at Christmas.

Birthday cake!

I can do it Mommy.

Will you hurry up with the singing so I can blow out the candles?

And so two years have passed since our little girls were born. They are growing up and it won’t be long before one of them looks at me and says, “I’m a BIG girl, Mommy.” For now, I continue to try to remember and treasure every moment, every milestone. They are remarkable girls who love to laugh. We are richly blessed!

3 comments to They’re 2!

  • karen siemens

    I loved reading your posts and seeing the pictures.
    Great captions – I do believe that’s what they were saying!
    love, from us

  • And for those who are interested, here’s their list of spoken words: hi, uh-oh, mama, dada, ball, flower, hat, no, all gone, quack quack (currently, they attribute this sound to all animals), vroom vroom, water, bear, milk, baby, cup, cheese, lion, banana, sock, shoe, nose, eye, ear, bouncy bouncy, apple, wheee, fan, wash wash, owie, diaper, slide, night night, Sesame Street, outside, butterfly, yogurt, apple, what? (when inquiring “What’s this?”), Elmo, Ernie, light.

  • Happy belated birthday greetings to your girls. How sweet and beautiful they look. And hearing them as they learn to talk is oh so much fun.

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