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“Thank you, God.”

At breakfast time recently, I held hands with the girls so we could pray. At the end they said “amen” with me. Then they said “pray, pray, pray.” I asked if they wanted to pray and told them they could say “thank you God.” This is not an uncommon exchange and it usually ends either there or after I say another short prayer. But this day was different. This day Elizabeth repeated, “thank you, God.” These days the girls repeat everything they hear, however I think Elizabeth does have some rudimentary concept of thank you — she does say it at appropriate times at any rate. God is a much harder concept. There is much for her to learn still, but this was a great step in the right direction.

And now moving on to some of my favorite August pictures…

At the "car" wash

Just... need... to move it... here.


Mmm... strawberries.

Does she have a great smile, or what?

Enjoying her new "shoes"

On their way to becoming bookworms

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