February 2014


Adventures of the Twin Princesses

We read to the girls quite a bit, I guess. We recently graduated up to some simple chapter books, like The Boxcar Children, and they’re enjoying those. A couple months ago we were at the library, and on a whim I decided to grab a couple of those Choose Your Own Adventure books that I remember liking when I was a kid (although I was probably 10-12 at the time). Some of the vocabulary is still over their heads, so I’m sure they don’t really get all of what’s happening, but they absolutely love making the decisions at the end of every page! I think it really fires up their imaginations to see their own choices influencing the storyline.

So naturally, I thought it would be fun to begin writing a serial Choose Your Own Adventure story just for them, with new installments appearing every night based on whatever choices they had made the night before. We haven’t been able to do it every night, but it’s been fun for all of us, and quite gratifying to see how excited they are to hear the next chapter every night. If you’re interested, you can read along the story so far, but obviously I’m not writing up every possible branch — just the ones they actually choose. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more!

Adventures of the Twin Princesses: 1-7


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