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Carolyn’s Fantastic Cinnamon Bread

Carolyn had mentioned several times that she wanted to make cinnamon bread. I’ve never made cinnamon bread so I didn’t really think much about her suggestion. Until the day I found her going through my recipe cards. She didn’t find one (remember – I’ve never made cinnamon bread). So we asked “Mr. Google” (as my Grandpa Wright would say) and easily found many to choose from. We found one for a quick bread that had 5 stars and decided to give it a try. Carolyn found the bowls, measuring cups and utensils, and the ingredients. She read the recipe, measured and mixed. She reminded me very much of her Great Grandma Wright, whose motto is to “take a recipe (or pattern) and go FROM it.” Having never made cinnamon bread, Carolyn decided that her bread needed more cinnamon. And wouldn’t it be better with brown sugar instead of white sugar? She made her modifications, mixed it, and baked it. And it was very yummy!

Carolyn with her Fantastic Cinnamon Bread



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