August 2019
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Grandpa Wright

My earliest memories of my maternal grandpa are of him in his work uniform, his Sears repair truck parked in front of their house. Grandpa could fix pretty much anything. I remember my Dad calling Grandpa on more than one occasion for some pointers on what to do about a malfunctioning appliance. And Grandpa could […]

Grandma Wright

Me with Grandma & Grandpa – September 2007

My maternal grandma passed away in May at the age of 89 1/2. She had lived in a nursing home for the past year as a result of Alzheimer’s. My last opportunity to visit her was in November 2010. It was a hard trip — […]

Mother’s Day

Today was my second mother’s day since the girls were born. I love being a mom! And I feel so blessed by my daughters. They are very sweet little girls who bring much joy to my life. As I watch them grow and learn and develop, they’re becoming more and more adept at imitating and […]

Ten Years Ago Today…

Half Dome

That reminds me…

Our family’s recent cave swimming excursion reminded of another time I visited that same area… Oh, I’ve been there lots of times over the years whenever I’d visit the Talbot’s cabin during the summer months. Twenty years ago, I don’t think there wasn’t even a real trail that led down there — we’d just hoof […]