May 2024


They’re 2!

Our two little girls are two years old. What can I say but WOW? Dan and I have been looking at a lot baby pictures the past few days and reminiscing about our little newborns. They were so small…

Newborn Elizabeth's tiny hand with Mommy's pinky

Cute newborn Carolyn


The girls have learned a new skill that will certainly serve them well for the rest of their lives. A couple days ago I was sitting at the computer and the girls were playing behind me. Suddenly they both erupted in a burst of giggles, so naturally I turned around to see what unbelievably adorable […]

The Monkey Walk

I think this is undoubtedly one of the most hilarious video clips that we’ve taken of the girls so far. Just click on the image below to view what we have come to refer to as The Monkey Walk.

Click on the image to load the movie in a new window.

What you […]

From the video archives

Just because we haven’t posted any video clips to the blog in eons doesn’t mean we haven’t been shooting plenty of video. Indeed, part of the problem is that we’ve shot so much that I just haven’t made the time to go through and process it all. It’s pretty time consuming. Also, toward the end […]


Last weekend was a fun and special time for our family. We participated in the Baby Dedication at our church. There’s nothing magical about that for the girls, of course — it basically just means that we stood up in front of the congregation, showed off our beautiful little girls, and committed ourselves to raising […]