June 2009


Anniversary and Reunion

Today was a very special day. For starters, Janet and I are celebrating 14 years of marriage today! Janet is a truly amazing woman; I respect her, I admire her, I love her. I am so very thankful for her! Every year when our anniversary comes up, we make a point to sit down and […]

Father’s Day

Saturday was an extremely full day, with a birthday party appearance, a friend’s wedding, and Janet’s visit to see Carolyn at the hospital. So on Sunday, we very deliberately skipped church in order to get a bit more sleep (although we weren’t really able to sleep in, since we were both up regularly throughout the […]

Elizabeth Comes Home

Yesterday evening Elizabeth was unplugged from all the monitors, loaded into a car seat, and taken out of the Intensive Care Nursery for the first time since she was brought in five and a half weeks ago. Strangely, even though Janet was discharged five weeks ago, hospital policy still dictates that Janet […]

Four Weeks Of Health Care

As a new father with two little baby girls who have now spent just over four weeks in the hospital, I have really begun to appreciate our health insurance for the first time. We just recently got the hospital bill for Janet’s delivery, and it’s around $35,000. Evidently the doctors’ bills will come separately, and […]

Bath Time

Tuesdays and Saturdays are bath days in the Intensive Care Nursery, and a couple days ago I shot some video of Janet giving Elizabeth a bath. It’s really fun having them completely disconnected from all of the wires, if only for a little while.

Click on the image to load the movie in […]