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Elizabeth Comes Home

Yesterday evening Elizabeth was unplugged from all the monitors, loaded into a car seat, and taken out of the Intensive Care Nursery for the first time since she was brought in five and a half weeks ago. Strangely, even though Janet was discharged five weeks ago, hospital policy still dictates that Janet had to be pushed out to the car in a wheelchair. So Elizabeth rode on Janet’s lap as she was taken down the elevator and then outside into the open air, where she may have glimpsed the sky for the first time. She slept most of the way home, and then upon arriving at our door she was greeted by a lovely Welcome Home sign that had been prepared by her Aunt Annmarie.

Welcome Home Elizabeth

After a brief tour of the house, Elizabeth napped and snuggled contentedly with Janet in the rocking chair for about an hour.

Snuggling at home

Later, after Janet went to bed, I got to handle Elizabeth’s first feeding and diaper change here at home. Pretty cool, right? Of course, I know all about having the clean diaper in place before removing the old one, because I’ve been doing this every day for the last five weeks in the hospital… But still, somehow, completely inexplicably, she managed to poop sideways onto the crib sheets. So that’s how it’s going to be, eh?

I’m so glad she’s home!

On the other hand, Carolyn has decided to continue hanging out at the hospital for maybe another week or so. Apparently, she’s still having bradycardia episodes most days. Remember, these are not particularly serious or problematic events, in the sense that most of the time her heart rate pops right back up again on its own — but they are enough to make the doctors want to keep her under observation a bit longer, until she makes more progress growing out of them. Hopefully she’ll be ready soon, and the Siemens girls will be together again, keeping each other company and pooping on the crib sheets in stereo.

Or perhaps tomorrow I’ll get our changing table all set up and ready for action. Hmmm…

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