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Videos from July and August

Over the last few months I got a little behind schedule in processing and editing the video footage we took of the girls, but recently I’ve been working to get caught up again. Here are a few highlights! The first clip shows some of the first genuine giggles from either of the girls, and strangely […]

Four Months

I had a “girls day” with Carolyn and Elizabeth today. Dan had an opportunity to spend the day geocaching with his Dad in Santa Cruz. I realized I haven’t spent the day alone with the girls since I started back to work full time a month ago. We went out and did some errands this […]

Who do they look like?

Ever since the girls were born, people have asked us, “Who do they look like?” I wasn’t really sure, and in fact was having a hard time seeing a resemblance at all. Part of the problem is that, unfortunately, I just don’t have very many baby pictures to compare with! But recently we dredged up […]

Health Care Update

Carolyn and Elizabeth will be 4 months old tomorrow, and they’re still doing really well. They probably weigh about 11.5 pounds now, so they’re quickly closing in on tripling their birth weight. Janet and I are hanging in there… She’s back to work full time, and it has been a little hard readjusting to that. […]


I’ve been conscious of the fact that I haven’t posted any new videos of the girls in several months, but lately I’ve been working on sorting through all the footage we have and editing some things together. Fresh new videos will be posted soon!

What I have to offer today is sort of a hybrid […]