September 2009
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Four Months

I had a “girls day” with Carolyn and Elizabeth today. Dan had an opportunity to spend the day geocaching with his Dad in Santa Cruz. I realized I haven’t spent the day alone with the girls since I started back to work full time a month ago. We went out and did some errands this morning and then Dan’s mom came over and helped us do some chores this afternoon. I think Dan and I both enjoyed our day.

[Note from Dan:  Let’s see, I missed out on errands and chores, and instead I got to hike in a redwood forest? You bet I enjoyed my day!]

The girls are four months old today and they’re really beginning to develop. Several weeks ago they began making babbling/cooing sounds. (Believe it or not, I hadn’t even noticed that they weren’t doing that until they started.) Now they’re “talking” up a storm. They’ll smile at us, sometimes when we least expect it — like while suctioning the snot out of their nose. They’re beginning to have some measure of head control. They wiggle and move and it’s clear that one day soon they’ll be crawling and then running all over the house.  

They started parallel to each other and three feet apart!

They started parallel to each other and three feet apart!

Move over!

Move over!

Last week we put the girls into separate cribs. Several times we found that after we had put them down for their nap, some time later one of them would be crying. When we went to check on them, we’d find that they had wiggled around and one of them was more than likely being kicked in the head. Strangely enough, it was often the one doing the kicking who was crying. For some reason it seems like they move around LESS now that they have more room. Go figure.

They have also discovered their mouth and tongue. It’s cute to watch them stick out their tongue, or suck their thumb, or try to put their whole fist in their mouth. Except when they’re supposed to be eating and instead they’re playing with the nipple and then crying because they’re hungry. But then when you give them the bottle again they get all distracted and start playing again instead of eating. Still, we all seem to be managing pretty well, and we’re so thankful for all the new experiences the girls have brought into our lives. What a blessing!

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