March 2010
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Last Friday was a fun first — I took the girls out for their first playdate with another infant! One of our good friends from college named Amy lives locally and had a baby girl (Tesiah Rois) a few months after ours were born. We had Amy over for dinner one night last year when Janet and Amy were both still pregnant, and we’ve been wanting to get together again for introductions ever since the girls arrived. (But, you know, life has gotten a lot busier since then!)

Carolyn, Tesiah, and Elizabeth

Carolyn, Tesiah, and Elizabeth

It was only a short visit, but we had a real fun time catching up and it was a pleasure to meet little Tessa. Carolyn and Elizabeth only look as big as they do in this picture because Tessa is indeed pretty small, and of course our girls are nearly twice her age! (Correction — everything seems small about Tessa except her EYES.) It will be fun to see them together as they get older and can interact with each other more, but for now Carolyn and Elizabeth seemed quite happy merely to play with (and slobber over) all of Tessa’s interesting new toys. One other fun thing about our visit was that we got to take Amy and Tessa out for their first geocache hunt, which was conveniently located just down the block from where they live. I’ve gotta take advantage of every opportunity I can these days!

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