July 2010
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Last weekend we took the girls on their first overnight trip away from home. It was an all out adventure as we loaded up, got on an airplane, and headed to Southern Illinois for a week. My Dad was born and raised in Carmi and each year over the 4th of July weekend aunts, uncles, cousins, and distant relatives return there to share family time together. In addition, Grandma will turn 90 years old in October so time was set aside this year to celebrate her upcoming milestone birthday.

4 Generations on the 4th of July - Carolyn & Elizabeth with Grandpa Hucker and Great Grandma Upton

It was a great joy to introduce our little girls to more of their extended family. And of course everyone loved meeting them! Grandma’s party was on Saturday and quite a few people dropped by the open house style party to congratulate her. Sunday evening we took the girls and went downtown to see the fireworks display. Elizabeth watched the fireworks. Carolyn mostly watched the people and the cars.

Ooh! Fireworks are fun!

The family taught the girls some new things while we were there. The girls learned to blow kisses and “give me five.” They are becoming more and more interactive and social. They’ve begun to reach when they want to be held. They hand me things and smile in satisfaction when I take it from them and say “thank you.” They’re developing physically as well. More and more we see them let go of things while they’re standing. I know their first steps will occur in the very near future.

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