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Fifteen Months

Fifteen months have come and gone since our precious little ones were born. Here are a few of the current highlights:

  • 35 pounds (Carolyn 17-3; Elizabeth 16-13)
  • 17 teeth with more on the way (8 for Carolyn; 9 for Elizabeth including one first year molar)
  • First steps (Elizabeth can walk across the room. Carolyn prefers to walk while holding our fingers. She’s keeping us waiting for her first solo steps.)
  • First words — dadadada, mamamama, hi, uh-oh
  • Favorite toy — whichever one is currently in sister’s hand
  • Favorite games — peek-a-boo, open & close, in & out, and fetch (Carolyn especially will often drop something on the floor, then look at us and say “uh-oh” and wait for us to retrieve the object. At which point she will promptly drop it and begin again.)

The girls are learning more and more about their world:

  • They put the hat on their head
  • The brush is for their hair
  • Socks go on feet

They can’t do all these things with great skill yet, but it’s clear they understand the relationships between the objects.

Physically the girls are still on the petite side. Developmentally they’re right on target. They play together now. Sometimes that simply means they play beside each other. Other times it means they take things from one another — and they’re beginning to be unhappy when sister takes what they’re playing with. Sometimes it means that they’re in their room laughing and squealing at each other when they are supposed to be napping. Recently, they’ve even started chasing each other around while speed-crawling, laughing and squealing all the while.

It’s great fun to watch them play and learn, smile and laugh. I marvel at how quickly the past year has gone by. And at how much the girls have grown. God has blessed us richly. And now for everybody’s favorite part — a few pictures of the girls. (OK, maybe more than a few.)

Playful gal...



Going for a ride!

Playing in a friend's pool!


All tuckered out...

Elizabeth LOVES to wear her hat!

Hungry girl

What a cutie!


Pirate girls hunt for merchant vessels to plunder!

The grandparent appreciation shot

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