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From the video archives

Just because we haven’t posted any video clips to the blog in eons doesn’t mean we haven’t been shooting plenty of video. Indeed, part of the problem is that we’ve shot so much that I just haven’t made the time to go through and process it all. It’s pretty time consuming. Also, toward the end […]

Fun At Home

When they’re not tearing it up at the park, the girls have plenty of games they like to play at home too. Here are just a few quick pics that make me smile:

Carolyn gives the rocking dog a hug

Not to be outdone, Elizabeth also gives the dog a hug… […]

Fun At The Park

In the last couple weeks the girls have discovered the joy of climbing. If they can get a leg up onto it and find a handhold, chances are they’ll try to climb it. This means that when we make a trip to the neighborhood park, the swing set is no longer the main attraction. Now […]


Just before New Year’s Eve, Janet and I took the girls to visit some friends up at their cabin in Dorrington, which is down the hill a bit from Bear Valley Ski Resort. For many years, hanging out at the cabin after Christmas has been something that I look forward to literally all year long, […]