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They’re 2!

Our two little girls are two years old. What can I say but WOW? Dan and I have been looking at a lot baby pictures the past few days and reminiscing about our little newborns. They were so small…

Newborn Elizabeth's tiny hand with Mommy's pinky

Cute newborn Carolyn

Mother’s Day

Today was my second mother’s day since the girls were born. I love being a mom! And I feel so blessed by my daughters. They are very sweet little girls who bring much joy to my life. As I watch them grow and learn and develop, they’re becoming more and more adept at imitating and […]

Easter Fun

This year the girls were able to participate in the Easter egg hunt. Well, at least they were able to pick eggs up off the grass and put them into their baskets. They love exploring. And there were little treats inside the eggs so that was a lot of fun.

Let me see!