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Photo Update

I know, I know… This may be the most boring blog title in all of history. But I’m just not feeling very inspired to write much, and all I really want to do is share some recent pictures of our darling little girls. Enjoy!

Elizabeth's playful grin

Look out, she's got a stick!

Backyard giggles

Fun and laughter

Carolyn's smiling, even though she just had a nasty chomp on her lip!

Can you say photogenic?

Squeals of laughter

Playing at the park!

Without any prompting or help, the girls put their dolls into the high chairs and strapped them in!

Carolyn has independently discovered planking!

Further information on planking can be found here.

This adorable picture was snapped moments before she threw chalk at my face.

Young artist?


Almost naptime?

New pajamas!


Playing in the tunnel

Look at me! I'm so cute!

Believe it or not, they actually can cooperate enough to spin like this...

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