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I’m Three Years Old!

Carolyn and Elizabeth have changed from infants into toddlers. I’ve watched it happen, but it still amazes me. They run and jump, sing and laugh, dance and splash. This last weekend we celebrated their 3rd birthday. I know… you’re probably saying something like, “I can’t believe they’re three years old already!” We feel the same way, but they are. And if you ask them, they’ll tell you.

I'm three years old!

As the birthday anniversary approached, we talked with the girls about the celebration. We asked, “How old will you be on your birthday?” And they would respond, “I’ll be three years old! After I grow a bit.” They have also begun to learn how to indicate the first few numbers using their fingers. Another time I mentioned that their birthday was coming soon and that we were planning a party. I asked if they wanted a cake. Carolyn responded, “Yes! And I can have candles and I can blow!” Of course, they both got to blow candles, although in the end Carolyn actually did most of the blowing.

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow out all the candles!

And here’s a picture of the whole cake, just because I was so pleased with my handiwork.

The balloons are cupcakes!

The girls spent some time playing with their cousins.

Story time

It was an extra special treat that Great-Grandma Siemens was able to join us for the party. Also, since the party happened to be on Mother’s Day, we had three generations of moms to celebrate with.

So grateful that Great-Grandma Siemens could join us to celebrate!

It was a beautiful spring day, so we enjoyed some playtime outside as well.

What visit to Nana & Papa's would be complete without a ride in the wheelbarrow?

And now for Elizabeth's turn...

A favorite gift was the new wading pool. The little old inflatable pool they used last summer was only about three inches deep and was so small that I don’t think they could both fit in it now, so it was definitely time for something bigger. They were totally shivering when we got them out! They very much wanted to keep splashing, but we promised they could play again another day.


Thanks for celebrating with us!

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