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Goodbye 2012

The last few months have been mostly pretty good for us, I’m pleased to say. Both of the girls and I were briefly sick with a fever about a month ago. If it was a flu virus, it wasn’t too terribly nasty. Then the girls both came down with a cough, which lasted for a good week or so. Nevertheless, life has been pretty good to us and we feel very blessed. (Well, the only other gripe I can think of at the moment is our stupid flat-roofed garage that seems to leak every single winter no matter how much work we have done to it. But other than that, life’s good.)

We spent Thanksgiving here in Livermore and celebrated with a family meal over at my parents’ house along with my sister and her family. Christmas was also spent here in Livermore. Our family had a little celebration on Christmas day opening presents that were mailed in from Janet’s out-of-state family, and because my sister’s family have been traveling we haven’t had a get together with them and my parents yet (although we certainly will). Just after Christmas, we were once again invited to spend a couple days visiting with our good friends at their cabin up in Dorrington, and we all really enjoyed playing in the snow and having some fun conversations. Here are some photos covering the last couple months:

We’re thankful for our family!

They certainly do love their books!

They loved tossing these leaves up in the air, again and again and again…

I’m not quite sure how this happened, but I’d like to think that an important lesson was learned here.

Carolyn & Elizabeth helped Nana decorate some delicious Christmas Cupcakes

Carolyn and Elizabeth were really able to get into the whole Christmas present thing this year…

They were quite excited that one of Mommy’s presents was a new waffle iron!

Who says girls can’t play with trucks?

Right away after getting out in the snow, Carolyn was eager to start a snowball fight!

Racing down the icy driveway!

Speed demon!

I *LIKE* playing in the snow!

“Mommy, hold still while I throw another snowball at you!”

Thankfully, their new snow clothes kept them nice and warm and dry!

Yeah, this snow is good, but it could use some maple syrup…


2 comments to Goodbye 2012

  • Marsha Carlson

    Dan and Janet,

    I can’t tell you how much fun it is to live vicariously through your site, with all of its commentary and pictures. Your daughters are growing so big so quickly and always have big smiles on their faces. I can’t wait for my twin grandchildren to be born and watch them grow up. Keep up the good work with the site as it always brings a smile to my face. You are truly blessed.

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