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Turning FOUR is fun galore!

We had a very busy weekend! Busy with celebrations, that is. Sunday was Mother’s Day, of course, but it was also Carolyn and Elizabeth’s birthday, and we also celebrated Janet’s birthday at the same time (although it’s technically not until next weekend) because we already had the whole family together and my parents were about […]

Easter Joy

One of the nice things about living close to family is that it’s a relatively simple thing for us to get together and celebrate occasions like Easter. So our family and my sister’s family gathered over at my parents’ house for a meal and some easter egg hunting fun. They sure did look cute in […]

Fun girls, fun pictures

As the girls keep growing, naturally they have also grown more mobile and less willing to sit still and pose for a picture. Nevertheless, here are a few pictures to share.

Tree Climbing


Her middle name is Joy!

Playing on the rocks

She wouldn’t […]


The girls have always enjoyed singing, but lately it seems that they’ve been singing even more than usual. Carolyn, in particular, frequently just bursts into song, making up nonsense “words” for lyrics; and inevitably, Elizabeth soon joins in for a sweet duet. During one such recent episode, I whipped out my phone and introduced them […]

Goodbye 2012

The last few months have been mostly pretty good for us, I’m pleased to say. Both of the girls and I were briefly sick with a fever about a month ago. If it was a flu virus, it wasn’t too terribly nasty. Then the girls both came down with a cough, which lasted for a […]