March 2023



People keep asking us if the girls are identical twins, and we keep telling them that we just don’t know for sure. If you missed a previous explanation, the reason is that the hospital didn’t do DNA testing because it’s not essential, and all of the things that might have indicated one way or the […]


We’re still really enjoying how much more vocal the girls have become in the last few weeks. A few days ago Elizabeth really got into it and chattered away for about 30 minutes straight. What is she talking about, I wonder? Or perhaps she’s singing?

Enjoy the clip.

Click on the image to […]

Ticklish Talkers & Pumpkin Patch Pix

Wow, it’s already late October, and we missed the 5 month update opportunity a couple weeks ago! I’m pleased to say that Carolyn and Elizabeth are both doing very well. They’ve managed to stay healthy, even though I recently got slammed with a flu virus or something that lasted for about 10 days. Fortunately, it […]

Videos from July and August

Over the last few months I got a little behind schedule in processing and editing the video footage we took of the girls, but recently I’ve been working to get caught up again. Here are a few highlights! The first clip shows some of the first genuine giggles from either of the girls, and strangely […]


I’ve been conscious of the fact that I haven’t posted any new videos of the girls in several months, but lately I’ve been working on sorting through all the footage we have and editing some things together. Fresh new videos will be posted soon!

What I have to offer today is sort of a hybrid […]