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Comcast is stupid!

evil-comcast-logoWe recently decided to cancel our Cable TV service.  It costs us about $50 a month, and we barely watch it because almost everything is garbage. Sure, there are a few shows that we enjoy, but lately we’ve found it’s easier to just wait 6 – 9 months and then rent the DVDs from Netflix. Better yet, since Netflix partnered up with Microsoft, there’s quite a bit of TV content I can stream directly through my Xbox, some of it even in HD. Another obvious factor is that we’ve got these twins on the way, and — well, I’m just guessing here, but I’m thinking perhaps we won’t be sitting around with oodles of time to kill once we’ve got a couple of infants to care for. I suspect that we might rather try sleeping if we happen to find a few minutes of peace and quiet.

Once we had made the decision to kill the Cable TV, I felt wonderfully liberated. I knew I wasn’t really going to miss it, and saving $50 a month was going to be nice. The promise of freedom was exhilarating.

So, Janet called the company and asked them to make the change. Now, I already knew that there was some kind of discount for having both the Cable TV and high speed internet through Comcast, and that the cost of the internet service was likely to go up when we ditched the TV. But I was shocked to find out that Comcast charges more money to keep just the high speed internet without the TV service. Yes that’s right, the total amount is CHEAPER if we keep the crappy cable TV as part of the package. What kind of business model is that? Aren’t they concerned about bandwidth or something?

My good friend Todd Beason explained this to me:

They get money from local ad inserts on a per subscriber basis. They do make more money if you have the TV service.

So… The way I figure it, they should be paying ME to keep their cable TV service. I’ll be waiting for my refund check. Meanwhile, my dreams of TV freedom have been dashed, and I reluctantly remain in the clutches of Comcast.

2 comments to Comcast is stupid!

  • I am in EXACTLY the same place with stupid Cox Cable. I want to cancel cable, but I save only a lousy $7 because they jack up the Internet price. So, to really save money, I need to cancel the phone land line too and just have Internet. But we are reluctant to cancel the land line cause some family members hear better on it then they do on our cell phones. Sigh… I’m going to cancel anyway this week, just for the principle of the thing, and use the $7 for a couple of bonus coffees of the week. Or diapers.

    Incidentally, digital antenna is amazing if you haven’t seen it. And is going to kill anyone’s need for cable TV.


  • Dan

    If I could save $7 for cancelling the TV completely, I’d do it in a heartbeat and be a happy man — but it just galls me that it’s actually cheaper for me to keep it!

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