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31 Weeks (and counting)

The past five weeks have pretty much just flown by, and I’m told it only gets faster from here. We’re very thankful that the pregnancy continues to progress very smoothly. Here are some highlights since the BIG 26 week update.

Tuesday, March 31 – I had to take a glucose tolerance test to make sure I haven’t developed gestational diabetes. You start by drinking this sweet beverage in the morning (on an empty stomach), then one hour later they draw blood and test the glucose levels. I was told that I needed to consume the contents of the glucose beverage within five minutes. No problem, I thought. It was only about a 12 ounce bottle of fruit punch flavored drink. Then I took my first sip. It didn’t actually taste all that bad, but it was just slightly carbonated and drinking that fizzy drink first thing in the morning on an empty pregnant tummy was not as easy as I had envisioned. I don’t know how women who are actually suffering from nausea get it down!

40593342Sunday, April 5 – Annmarie, Mom, and the Peacemakers quilt group hosted a baby shower for us today. I was honored and humbled at how many women showed up to help us prepare for these precious little girls that are on the way. It was a tea party themed shower with lots of tasty tea snacks for everyone to enjoy! Cortnie & Audree greeted every guest and kept me supplied with packages to open for the afternoon.  

Monday, April 6 – Saw our OB today. We passed the glucose test so there’s no special dietary restrictions. Then he measured the height of the uterus at 32 centimeters. With a singleton, on average you expect 1 cm per week of pregnancy. We’re at 27 weeks so we’re a little ahead there. Plus it had grown 6 cm in four weeks.

Tuesday, April 14 – 28 weeks down and time for another visit to the perinatal specialist to make sure the girls are sharing the prenatal resources evenly. After taking an assortment of measurements, he determined that Baby A is 2 pounds, 13 ounces and Baby B is 2 pounds, 11 ounces. That makes each baby slightly above the 50th percentile in size for their age (I can’t remember the exact numbers, but it was something like 51% and 53%). They don’t have a separate scale for multiples, so the girls are slightly “above average” compared with all pregnancies.

Monday, April 20 – Time for another visit to the OB today. We’re now at 29 weeks and the height of the uterus is 36 cm (7 cm above a singleton pregnancy).

Monday, April 27 – This is our last week with no doctor appointments. Starting next Monday, we’ll begin seeing the OB weekly, the perinatal specialist monthly, and soon we’ll begin having weekly non-stress tests (more about those after we have our first one and I know a little more about it). 

Wednesday, April 22 – Dan and I went see David Wilcox in concert tonight. We’ve gone to several of his concerts over the past 7 years or so. We really enjoy his music, and the concerts are a lot of fun. This may be our last big “date night” before the big event. While we were there, two different women initiated conversations with me about the pregnancy. This is mostly significant only because it was the first time a stranger initiated a pregnancy discussion. Guess I really am starting to show!

Thursday, April 23 – Took a vacation day today. I knew I didn’t want to go to work at 8AM this morning after staying out late for the concert last night. It was the right decision. I just sat around relaxing, reading, and sewing much of the day. Dan and I did take a trip out to Lazy Boy to look at chairs. I’ve wanted to get a chair to rock the babies in and lately I’ve had more and more difficulty getting comfortable on our sofa. We found a comfy chair and decided to order two – one for each of us. After all, there will be plenty of times when we each have a baby to rock. 


Tuesday, April 28 – My co-workers had a baby shower for us today. We went to Father Nature’s Shed in Danville for lunch. They even arranged for a private room to celebrate in and brought in decorations for the table. I’ve been trying to get work stuff wrapped up as much as possible knowing that I don’t have much longer before maternity leave begins.

Wednesday, April 29 – Our new rocker recliners came today! They’re SUPER comfy.

Saturday, May 2 – Today was a very busy day! We went to a childbirth preparation class from 9-3. From there, we went straight to a birthday party for a high school buddy of Dan’s until ~5:30 PM. Afterwards we stopped by the house for about 20 minutes before heading over to the Talbot’s for dinner with them and some of Dan’s friends from his days in the high school youth group. Whew!  LONG day, but it’s my own fault. By the time I finally got around to calling to schedule the childbirth class, the only dates available were today or June 13. Well it’s entirely possible that June 13 will be too late to do us any good, so today it was. 

Sunday, May 3 – Today I spent relaxing around the house recuperating from yesterday. Slept in, put on sweats when I got up and never did get dressed. Today also marks the end of week 31.

Final thoughts – We continue to feel God’s blessing. He’s given us two little girls to grow and love. And, all things considered, the pregnancy has gone very smoothly. In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed it’s increasingly important that I maintain good posture to reduce the incidence of back pain. I have some minor swelling in my legs and feet – which is an excellent reason to sit in a new recliner. I need extra sleep and have to do things in short bursts with rest periods in between. But my health is good. The babies are healthy and growing. Even my allergies, which normally peak right about now, have been exceptionally mild without the need for medications. We continue the process of preparing for the arrival of our two girls.

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