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Introducing Carolyn Joy and Elizabeth Grace

After just 32 weeks, our beautiful daughters arrived on Tuesday, May 12th! Janet got up to use the restroom in the early early morning and noticed a pink tinge that obviously wasn’t right. We figured it was just a little spotting like what had happened in January — at which time, we learned that the standard procedure is that you call the hospital, then you wait for the doctor to call you back, then the doctor tells you to come into the ER for a checkup, then they inexplicably make you wait with your emergency for several hours, then they eventually run a couple tests, and finally they tell you to go home and avoid heavy lifting. NOT THIS TIME! We got to the ER, a nurse examined Janet and did a couple tests, and announced “Your water’s broken.”

WHOA! Suddenly, everything in the world was turned completely upside down. Sure, we knew this was going to happen early, but it wasn’t supposed to be for another month! Eight weeks premature? What does that mean? Will they be OK? That was rather disconcerting at first.

For those interested in the full story about the labor and delivery, Janet will probably write something soon. For everyone else, I’ll just fast forward to the essential stats and a few pictures.

Carolyn Joy

  • Born:  May 12th, 1:45 PM
  • Weight:  3 pounds, 15 ounces
  • Length:  16 inches

Elizabeth Grace

  • Born:  May 12th, 2:25 PM
  • Weight:  4 pounds, 2 ounces
  • Length:  17.25 inches
Carolyn and her Daddy

Dan carried Carolyn over so Janet could hold her just minutes after being born

One down, one to go!

A wonderful moment while we waited for Elizabeth

Carolyn Joy

Carolyn Joy, 3 hours old

Elizabeth Grace

Elizabeth Grace, 2.5 hours old

As you can see in the last photo here, Elizabeth is wearing a CPAP mask (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). Apparently, when infants are this premature, their lungs are not yet fully developed and may be sorta sticky on the inside. This creates a danger that the lung may collapse and stay closed if allowed to deflate completely. The air flow from the mask helps keep them inflated, but it’s not actually breathing for her. And fortunately, she only needed the mask for the first night, and she’s doing much better now.

Even so, these are still very small babies who need more time to develop. Thus, they’ll have to stay in the Intensive Care Nursery for another four to six weeks before they’ll be ready to come home! It was pretty tough leaving the hospital and driving home without them when Janet was discharged on Thursday, but we know that they’re in good hands. The hospital staff has been very caring and supportive, and they’re doing a good job answering all of our questions. The good news is that they all say the girls act older than their age, and that they’re actually somewhat feisty (which we take to be a good sign). We’ll just have to commute to Walnut Creek to see them every day for a while… We have much to be thankful for, and we feel indescribably blessed to have been given these two wonderful little girls!

4 comments to Introducing Carolyn Joy and Elizabeth Grace

  • Diane Main (Dowbiggin)

    Dan and Janet, congrats on the birth of your beautiful girls!!! When I had Cameron, he was only three and a half weeks early and still only weighed just over five pounds. He was in for eight days, and I was in for five of those, but going home those three nights without him was agonizing. So tell Janet if she feels like a part of her is missing, I think it’s normal. Or at least she’s not the only one to feel that way. So glad they’re so robust. They look a little shell shocked (like, who broke up the party so early before midnight?) but also very adorable.

  • Congratulations on the twins!!! Glad to hear that both girls and the parents are doing well.

  • Dad

    More photos, please 🙂

  • Diane Main (Dowbiggin)

    Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, Cameron is a strong, healthy, thriving 5 year old boy, so I have every confidence that your little darlings will be just amazing once they’re done “getting their grow on.”

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