August 2009
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Three Months

As I mentioned last month, it has been much harder to make time to keep this updated regularly now that the girls are both home. As you might imagine, there has been a gigantic impact on our available free time. Even so, a couple weeks ago I did finally get around to designing the birth announcement that we’re sending out. Some are already in the mail, and the rest will be going out soon. If you still don’t have one in another couple weeks, ask one of us! Meanwhile, here’s a preview.

Twin Blessings

The girls are both doing great, and we’re having a blast taking care of them and getting to know them better. We still don’t know for certain if they’re identical or fraternal twins (and we won’t), but we’re leaning more and more to thinking that they’re not identical. Thankfully, we’re finding it easier and easier to tell them apart even without cues like “this blanket goes with that baby”. Carolyn’s hair definitely seems to be a bit darker and thicker than Elizabeth’s. And it’s hard for us to really put our finger on it, but there seem to be some subtle differences in their faces. I have no idea if these are merely temporary differences in baby cheek fat, or there’s truly some unique bone structure underneath. We’ll find out as they get older, I suppose. At any rate, we’re grateful that we’re not getting them confused all the time.

The one thing that we could be happier about is that they seem to be even more nocturnal than I am! They definitely seem to be more awake (and fussy) at night than during the day. On the plus side, they both seem pretty settled in the 4-hour feeding schedule we’ve got them on. If Janet and I are both home, we’ll both take one and they get fed at the same time. If just one of us is home with them, they might get their feedings one after the other (although Janet has become somewhat adept at feeding both girls simultaneously). Hopefully in a few weeks the doctor will give us the thumbs up to start letting them sleep through the night without having to get them up to feed them. I guess I’m hoping that maybe if there’s no middle of the night feeding, there will be less incentive for them to be awake during all the wee hours of the morning.

Enough words. Here are a few more pictures.

Carolyn's hooded bath towel

Carolyn's cozy hooded bath towel

Clipping Elizabeth's claws

Clipping Elizabeth's razor-sharp claws

Happy Dad

Happy Dad





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