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June Recap

We took the girls in for their two year well baby visit a few weeks ago. At 21 pounds each, the girls have made their way up to the 6th percentile in weight (up from below the 5th percentile). While they may be small, they are decidedly happy and healthy little girls. And although I would not have wished for babies as small as ours were and are, it has greatly prolonged my ability to carry both of them at the same time. I still CAN carry both girls at the same time, but I’m doing it less and less.

Here are some of my favorite photos from June.

Throwing rocks in the water is a new favorite activity.

"Snow" is one of their newest words. And they got to use it a lot on vacation this year.

Ah, the joys of reading the phone book

My turn!

Look what I found!

Vroom! Vroom!

They've discovered the joys of the "big girl" swings.

Doesn't she have a great smile?

They love story time. So do I.

They're becoming quite adept at climbing.

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