July 2011


Bike. Bike! BIKE!

The girls’ vocabulary continues to expand and they’re learning new words daily. Their proficiency at communicating is also improving and they’ve come to the point where they realize when you don’t understand. When one of the girls names an object, Mommy or Daddy is expected to repeat it — perhaps just to ensure that we’ve understood, or perhaps to verify we’re paying attention. Their vocabulary has expanded beyond naming objects to include verbs such as walk, sit, run, and trade. One of their most frequently used words is currently “car.” Do you have any idea how many cars there are in the Bay Area? It’s rather comical when we go someplace because the girls will point out EVERY car they see.  They will point and say “car car car” with increasing urgency and insistence until I repeat “car” back to them.

Another favorite is “bike.” A couple weeks ago we went to Graeagle for a week long vacation with Dan’s family. This was the longest car trip in quite a while and they gleefully pointed out every bicycle and motorcycle between here and there repeating “bike bike bike” over and over again. I considered getting tricycles for the girls’ second birthday. Then I was introduced to Balance Bikes. There are several different manufactures, but a balance bike is essentially a miniature toddler-sized bicycle with one significant difference — there are no pedals. Kids straddle the bike and use their feet to propel themselves along. They begin by walking along slowly, but they move faster and faster until they’re running and gliding along as their coordination and balance improve. The idea is for kids to learn how to balance and steer a bicycle without the use of training wheels. I was pretty intrigued. When I learned that their cousin has a balance bike we made arrangements for him to demonstrate for the girls. They were enchanted. So instead of trikes, the girls now have balance bikes.

And they like hats, so the helmets were pretty exciting gifts too.

OooOOOooh, this will totally match my all outfits!

Groovy new hats

After unwrapping the bikes, the girls quickly hopped on and began motoring through the house.

Daddy, there's not really enough room in here for me to properly enjoy this...

Then we were off to the park where they had room to roam.



Wait -- where are you going?

It’ll be a while before the girls are ready to move up to full fledged pedal bicycles. In the meantime they’re enjoying themselves immensely.

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