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Almost from the time they were born, the girls had to learn about taking turns and sharing. It’s been a necessity of life around our house. When one girl is getting a fresh diaper, the other is just going to have to wait a minute. Or when they both want to ride the same scooter somebody is going to have to go second. I’m pleased to say that they’re learning these lessons. Certainly there is sometimes grabbing and fussing when one girl wants to play with what Sister already has. But more and more frequently she’ll ask “Trade?” and offer something in exchange for the desired object. And the trade is usually agreed to sooner or later. Maybe it’s just me wearing my “Mom” hat, but I think these girls are definitely ahead of the curve when it comes to playing together. It’s hard to capture a picture of trading. But here are some recent favorites of the girls sharing. If you’ve read the other posts, you may have seen all these pics before but they’re still cute and in theme with this post so sit back and smile with me.

See, if you open it up there's Kix inside.

Tea party time.

What's in here?

Hold it steady while I pour.

Wanna smell?

Here - you forgot your sunglasses.

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