August 2011


I See You!

My Dad and Linda were able to visit for a few days in July. What fun it was to once again reacquaint the girls with some of their grandparents! It took a little while for the girls to warm up, but by the end of the visit they were giving hugs night-night and playing happily with Grandpa and Grandma. One day we spent some time at the park where the girls tried out their new bikes and also demonstrated their climbing prowess. I’m slowly becoming more confident of the girls’ climbing skills. They’re pretty adept – at least as long as they’re paying attention to what they’re doing. Of course, they are just barely two so they do tend to get districted. That’s what makes me nervous.

We’ve been playing Peek-A-Boo with the girls since long before they were able to really participate. But Grandpa and Grandma put a couple of new spins on the game that the girls have enjoyed. Dad picked up a plastic ring toy, looked through it, and said “I see you.” The girls wanted to see him use the other eye. Then of course they both wanted a turn. I’m not sure if they know that “I see you” is a three word sentence instead of a multi-syllable word, but it sure sounds cute when they say it. Now they’re looking through all kinds of things and saying “I see you” – the holes in the laundry basket, the shade awning supports at the park.

Later in the visit the girls noticed Linda’s wedding ring.  She turned the diamond to the inside and asked “Where did it go?” The girls long ago mastered the concept of object permanence and had no trouble finding the ring. They wanted to play more, so they would reach out and turn the the diamond inside and ask “er go?” with a little shrug of the shoulders. Too cute! They’ve continued to enjoy this game. And I like playing with them, each time discussing the significance and symbolism of the ring Dan gave me. It can’t be too soon to begin instilling those lessons.

Snuggled up with Grandpa & Grandma to watch Sesame Street

Vroom! Vroom!

Too busy to sit still for a silly ol' photo.

Three generations.

Doing a craft with Grandma.

Giggly girl!

Grandma & Carolyn

Proud Grandpa!

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  • Barbara Martin

    Thank you for the pictures of the girls, you, and Bill and Linda. They love all of you so muchand so do we. I continue to enjoy all your pictures, thank you. Aunt Barb

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