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Grandma Wright

Me with Grandma & Grandpa – September 2007

My maternal grandma passed away in May at the age of 89 1/2. She had lived in a nursing home for the past year as a result of Alzheimer’s. My last opportunity to visit her was in November 2010. It was a hard trip — […]


Almost from the time they were born, the girls had to learn about taking turns and sharing. It’s been a necessity of life around our house. When one girl is getting a fresh diaper, the other is just going to have to wait a minute. Or when they both want to ride the same scooter […]

Bike. Bike! BIKE!

The girls’ vocabulary continues to expand and they’re learning new words daily. Their proficiency at communicating is also improving and they’ve come to the point where they realize when you don’t understand. When one of the girls names an object, Mommy or Daddy is expected to repeat it — perhaps just to ensure that we’ve […]

June Recap

We took the girls in for their two year well baby visit a few weeks ago. At 21 pounds each, the girls have made their way up to the 6th percentile in weight (up from below the 5th percentile). While they may be small, they are decidedly happy and healthy little girls. And although I […]