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“It’s not easy.”

Now that I’m a mother, I begin to understand and appreciate how children can inspire a parent to do something that otherwise wouldn’t be worth the effort. But pleasing that special little one will make them smile – and there is great value in that!

Recently Elizabeth came to me with a toy in need of repair. The paper wrapping on the play can of beans had been chewed and gotten torn and was in danger of coming completely off. She wanted me to fix it. I pondered, wondering how could I oblige her. In the end, I used some glue to affix the wrapping, then wrapped the whole thing in packing tape hoping that would keep every thing in place. It made her happy and that made it worth it.

It reminded me of a baby doll I had when I was a young girl. This wasn’t just any doll – you could bathe her and she even came with a tiny little bath sponge. Then one day the sponge broke – split right down the middle. I took it to my Daddy and asked him to fix it. His remedy? He used glue to put it back together. While the sponge was once again in one piece, it now had quite a solid seam running the width of it. I mentioned I was young, right? So you might figure I was still solidifying my language skills. I complained, “It’s not easy.” He had done his best and I used that little sponge for many more years. And we still remember that something “hard” is also something “not easy.”

Note: I thought I still had that doll in a box in the garage, but I looked and couldn’t find it. I tried finding her on the internet but wasn’t successful.

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