April 2011
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A Few New Pics

I don’t have a whole lot to say here — mostly, I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves… But the girls are doing well, and as we’ve said before, for the most part they’re very happy, pleasant little girls who play well together. By the way, that reminds me — a good friend of mine recently pointed out this news article from The Telegraph, in which a study of over 2000 families found that out of all the different possible combinations of children, the happiest families tend to have two daughters. All I can say is we’re definitely not complaining! It’s a little hard to believe they’ll be TWO years old next month!

Anyway, my Dad took most of these pictures with his super spiffy new camera. It’s got a gigantic lens that can easily capture great looking photos like these (indoors without a flash), in lighting conditions that my camera simply could not handle. You can tell the last picture was taken with my comparatively lame little camera, but I still like the picture because it’s a cute example of them playing together.  Enjoy!

Her smiles make the whole world brighter!

Her body language here is saying "I don't want any more of whatever you're trying to feed me."

Carolyn & Elizabeth

Puzzle play

Carolyn in her poofy dress

Elizabeth in her poofy dress

Elizabeth & Carolyn in the tunnel

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