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Grandparents Visit

We recently had the opportunity to reacquaint Carolyn and Elizabeth with their “Illinois Grandparents” when my dad and Linda spent four days with us over spring break. I think I can honestly say that this was the most excited I’ve ever been about a visit from my dad. It had been eight months since he had last seen the girls (you can read about that adventure here). So much has changed! The girls are walking (nearly running), climbing anything in sight, babbling up a storm, and hanging from the monkey bars. Their spoken vocabulary is still only a few words, but they clearly understand a lot. All of this radically changes the dynamics.

I am very thankful for some of the modern technology that enables far away family members to keep track of the girls’ progress in ways not available to my grandparents when I was growing up. We try to get in a Skype visit every other week or so, but it’s just not the same as being able to actually hold these two precious little ones.

Recently the girls have developed an expanded interest in books. They especially like books with flaps. And sometimes they’ll even land on a page long enough for us to read most of the words before flipping to the next page. I’m not sure if they’re listening to the story yet, or just spend more time looking at the pictures. But I’ve always been a reader and I love sharing books with them.

Carolyn & Grandpa

Story Time

Elizabeth & Grandma

Playing with Grandma

They’ve also discovered that there’s more to do at the park than swing. In fact, the swings only hold their interest for a short time – too confining. Nowadays, they love to climb and slide. And even just wander around and explore. They also like to pick up anything out of place and had it to me – usually dandelions or bits of trash.



Jumping on the bouncy bridge

They truly are happy, good natured little girls who bring much joy to our lives. God has richly blessed us!

Happy Girls

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