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On The Go

Our little girls are constantly on the go. They’re examining, exploring, and expanding their horizons. They’re learning new things every day — and they’re loving it. Here’s a variety of pictures of them in motion.

Helping out in the yard.

What if we put this in there?

She's ready to learn team games like bocce ball.

Can I drive to the park next time?

Over she goes.

Her climbing is good enough to make Mommy nervous.

Running is one their new favorite activities!

Let's go for a ride!

Can you twist your tongue like this?

Balancing is easy when I'm holding Mommy's hand.

Now what?

Look at her go.

We like playing outside.

Throwing stones in the creek.

Playing house.

Just wait until she's a teenager.

And sometimes there are some boo-boos...

1 comment to On The Go

  • Aunt Barb

    I loved your pictures of the girls on the go. Grandpa and Grandma Hucker will have to get hugs and kisses for all of us while they are in CA.

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